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About cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency? It's simple: cryptocurrency - is electronic accounts for control and augmentation of money. Banks hold most of the public funds at their electronic accounts.

Cryptocurrency companies help people to control their money with the help of computer programs. Banks are mostly limited to a small number of local customers who live not far away from them.

Internet companies have access to millions of customers, and are not limited geographically. This makes it possible to obtain great profits. Bitcoin - one of the first cryptocurrency.

First, the price of the coin rose from 10 cents to more than $ 1.10, that made 1000% growth. Later Bitcoin rose to $ 2.00 (i.e. the growth increased to 2000%), and eventually got the price of $ 1,200. In less than three years, the total growth increased to over than 1 000 000%.

Another cryptocurrency company ONE-coin for less than 12 months has risen to one billion dollars with the number of users more than 770,000 people. As of December 2015, there are over 750 companies, operating worldwide, in the cryptocurrency market.

Our plan

Rcoin International Ltd. is the part of the global business system, customer oriented and with executed long-term plan.

Our senior partners are based on the American way of thinking and a global technology of one of the largest growing economies in the world (with a turnover of more than 17 trillion dollars a year and continues to grow).

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Financial independence

Over the past 8 years the whole world was covered by the financial crisis. Hundreds of thousands of average citizens had lost billions of dollars due to the collapse of governments, closures of businesses and banks. Many people had lost the hope of financial independence. Now, finally, there is a company Rcoin International Ltd, with its global plan of assistance to the maximum number of people. You can become a lucky and feel the financial independence again.

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"GETRICH.COM" during the Internet boom (1994-2000) was one of the first companies that help to make money. Then from 2000 to 2008 everybody was busy with stocks on the Internet. Since 2008 began a new BOOM - social networks, which, in turn, created a new boom of stock market. All this created a third BOOM - cryptocurrency!

The price of 1 Bitcoin has grown from $ 0.1 to $ 1.10, that made 1000% growth. Later Bitcoin rose to $ 2.00 (i.e. the growth increased to 2000%), and eventually got the price of $ 1,200. As a result, cryptocurrency rate rose to more than a million per cent. Now more than 750 companies engaged in cryptocurrency.

Now you can join the company Rcoin International Ltd. at the stage of its creation.

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For 20 years, the computer industry, "bore" and created tens of thousands of billionaires and millionaires.

Since 1994 till 2000, many Internet companies started in the market and have grown to million-turnovers. Later, their turnovers increased to hundreds of millions, and continue to grow. Now a new BOOM starts - a cryptocurrency BOOM. There are Bitcoin, Litecoin and more than 750 other online currencies in the!!! People become millionaires and billionaires in less than 5 years.

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For pensioners

People all over the world have different levels of income. Many people can not afford food, clothing, medical and many other expenses. Now there is a company Rcoin International Ltd, which will help you. We create our own personal funds for our seniors. Start accumulating your retirement account today, if you are over 55 years old - it is NECESSARY for you !!!

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First signed up users, who put $ 300 on their new internet account will receive a monthly 30% in Rcoin for 6 months.

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The first users, signed up in Rcoin system and having done a minimum deposit ($ 100) will receive a bonus of 200 Rcoin ($ 400). Start earning money today, register now! You can get 5 RCoin for each person you correctly sign up on this site.

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Our products

All Rcoin participants can invite new partners and get all commissions and rewards, available in your city, region or country. All participants will be able to receive preparatory trainings in order to build their Internet business. Our products and services will include the following:

Social networks

Internet advertising

B2B and P2P products and services

Cloud technologies

Stocks, consulting, legal support and promotion on the market

Global and local online sales of products or the general consumer services

Training, seminars and educational conferences.

Currency exchangers for cryptocurrency.