Сompany Principles

Rcoin International, LTD - is the company, which is not for people who want fast and easy money. We have drawn up a business plan for the development of our company for 5 years. Our range of goods and services will increase by more than 15 units.

We are looking for people who are smart enough to plan the improvement of their lives to 5 years in advance. One unit Rcoin currently valued at $ 2.00, and it is likely that the price will rise over the next 5-10 years. For example, one unit of Bitcoin has risen from 10 cents to $ 1.10, that made 1000% growth. Later Bitcoin rose to $ 2.00 (i.e. the growth increased to 2000%), and eventually got the price of $ 1,200. As a result, cryptocurrency rate rose to more than a million per cent. Now more than 750 companies engaged in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is sold for $ 300- $ 500 per currency unit, depending on the market.

The main provisions of Rcoin International Ltd

1. All our employees have to tell the truth about the company Rcoin International, a marketing plan and procedures of the company.

2. You need to understand that in any business, there is a risk factor, and there are no companies that give a 100% guarantee to anyone at the World Business Market. Rcoin International Company can not guarantee or promise future growth, sales and profits. But you can be sure that - the team Rcoin International operates daily and keeps the maximum amount of money for the company's future growth and financial protection of our partners and customers.

3. The company protects the interests of its customers, users, partners, sponsors and sales leaders.

4. All sales leaders may conclude contracts, which include the level of income from the expected sales, the cost of advertising and marketing, bonuses, and share in the profits of the Company.